Eco Fashion Week


Eco Fashion Week in Vancouver is on now, April 9 to 14. You may know that I am all about the thrift and treasure hunt, so this event spotlighting the challenges of a creating a closed-loop, sustainable clothing industry is right up my alley. It features not only hugely popular runway shows of eco-conscious designers, but also includes public engagement in panel discussions about eco fashion.

Highlights of the event include:

  • Thrift Style Challenge: three stylists create individual 10-piece runway collections with $500 of Value Village clothing; (Apr 11, SOLD OUT)
  • Street Chic Challenge (held Apr 9): eight designers transformed donated hotel sheets into Balmain-inspired pieces, which are on display at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel on April 11 and 12, and Pacific Centre Mall, April 14 to 30; and
  • 81-pound Challenge: design students give new life to 81 pounds of clothing, which is how much the average North American tosses into landfills every year. Yikes! (Apr 11, SOLD OUT)

Tickets are still AVAILABLE for the runway shows at the Fairmont Waterfront Hotel on April 12, tickets here, and the Collective Conversation on April 13 at the Waterfall Building. The CC will be moderated by Erin Cebula of Entertainment Tonight Canada, and features panelists from Levi and Strauss and Value  Village, as well as local designers. There will also be a special interview with John Fluevog. Check HERE for details and tickets.

The Eco Fashion Week website has a complete rundown of what’s going on. It’s still not too late to join!


“Where are you from?”


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Looky, looky! It’s Sheila and Logan from Vancouver Island back in town, raising a ruckus in Gastown. Check out Sheila’s “neutral” handbag of metallic reptile. Her glasses frames are bright purple and Logan’s are bright blue. His jacket, worn over a rock ‘n’ roll T,  is velvet.

Both are shod in Fluevogs of course, and I’m sure an hour after I snapped this photo they had further topped their stock.  Everywhere these two went I heard people asking – Where are you from?! Of course, they have what I call “the shine.” I have posted on this couple before, here and here, and Sheila solo here.

Sheila has a winning blog called Ephemera, where she chronicles her style adventures, and Logan, a writer, posts music reviews on his blog, Creative Maelstrom. Have a look.


Over 40 and being fabulous


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This is Sylvia again. You saw her the first time here, but I had to show you this fantastic jumpsuit she bought on South Granville during her visit to Vancouver.  And don’t overlook those cool shoes and necklace! Sylvia is a full-time style blogger/advisor specializing in women over 40 on her blog 40+ Style. She will be hosting a blogger meetup in New York, September 4 to 6. Check here for details.


This is Barbara, one of Vancouver’s own. She’s definitely got the blues – in the best possible way! I just want to swim in all that colour, texture, and pattern. It’s hard to see here, but one of her necklaces is all buttons. Gorgeous. She was a participant at the Women’s Blogger Summit held recently in Vancouver. I know I’ll see more of her about town.


A great casual look with this analogous colour combo and an excellent example of umbrella as accessory! How great that Tiina was able to make it to the Women’s Blogger Summit recently from her bases in the UK and Scandinavia. On her blog Elegance Revisited she shares her musings on style, her art, and tips and stories from life as a world traveler.


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