Where is everyone today? It’s sunny, it’s hot (after a long, cool summer), and it’s one of the last weekends before school begins.  Maybe I was too early to hit Granville Street… But I did come across some great looks.

This woman had a beautiful ’70s-style silhouette with her pouffing hair and bag sticking out from a svelte body line. Grey harem pants and baby-blue flats.

Too bad I wasn’t able to capture in detail the ruffles over the entire front of her black top. Sitting in the shade, sipping coffee with her friend, her earrings and bracelets gleamed in the sunlight. Quiet grace.

Flapper meets psychedelic. The red bag tops it off.

I saw her back first and mistook the unique scarf wrapping for a top. Self-assured and simple. Anchored with black flats and interestingly detailed socks.

I couldn’t miss this charming family from Toronto relaxing on the Picnurbia portable beach/picnic area in front of the Vancouver Art Gallery. Even the teddy bear is wearing a pink tutu, which you can’t quite see here.

I caught the flash of pink on the little girl’s rainbow dress as I was walking through the square, then saw another stylish woman, who, unsurprisingly, turned out to be the girl’s mother. Family pictures, everyone!