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I waited and waited and finally there seemed to be no end of interesting people with flair. I missed one opportunity: a big gorgeous woman hopped into a taxi before I got a chance to ask for her photo. She was wearing a form-fitting, bright purple knit dress, shiny gold wedge sandals, and a structured brown straw hat with gold accents around the brim, and she carried an oversized, structured brown straw bag. Sounds overwhelming but she Wore It. 

The family I DID catch.

A mother/daughter duo. Unique looks, full of confidence. They spoke French but I’m not sure where they are from – there was not much time to ask as they were just crossing the street. The young woman beamed when she smiled. Beautiful. Like the mom’s blue fingerless gloves with the belt.

These are the stylish men who were accompanying the women above. I had to catch them before they got away.