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I adore his suit! And his shoes…and his tie… What an incredible look. His suit is vintage and he got it at Mintage on Commercial Drive. (I advise all men to rush there for more of the same.) Such a long, clipped, neat line in his trousers with  almost no puddling over the shoe, and talk about a crisp glove-fitting jacket. His shoes are from Montreal. He was style-eyed by a roving Vancouver Fashion Week team as well so you can also see him in their Look Book on their Facebook site. This man deals with numbers for a living, but I think he has another calling as well, hm?

AND, just as we were wrapping up I noticed a flash of pink at his ankle. I demanded he show me his socks! – and he thankfully obliged. Wondrous. See for yourself below. Sly, mister, sly.