I was strolling past the Gucci doors on Georgia Street last night when I suddenly froze in horror and stupefaction – there, above the door, was a gigantic, fat-bodied, practically-pulsating spider sitting in the middle of a web. It looked like a huge, black bulging sac with fangs, just waiting there to macerate its next victim. It was lit up with such spook factor that I couldn’t stop eewing and aahing and generally freaking for a good quarter of an hour afterwards. I went by today to show you Spooky Gucci. They could not have planned this decoration any better for Halloween if they had tried. Please don’t hurt him if you stop by for a gander. We’ve all got to make a living. (Okay, so maybe I exaggerate a little about the size, and I don’t think it was black at all, maybe not even alive, but still…I freaked.)