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My pal Sandra set the tone for the photos to come today with this great INXS T-shirt. She scored the lemon leather jacket in a swap with a friend. Isn’t the splashy floral lining an unexpected yet brilliant contrast with the studs and animal print? With her self-described “long mullet” and shades, all she needs now is a screaming guitar! I style-eyed Sandra the first time here.

Also on the inspiration walk today I found…

This regiment of chemical-white cowboy hats lined the steps of Vancouver Art Gallery as part of a promotion for the Calgary Stampede. The woman in the jeans with the mic said that Calgary has been trying to dispel cowboy stereotypes in recent years… I’m not sure if these hats are the right way to go, but I love this arty installation.


This whimsical car antenna reminded me of those “Thanks for the Brake” signs of a waving hand on the back of city buses to thank motorists for allowing them to merge into traffic. This one is much better, and I would like to see this baby wave in a queenly fashion.

All INXS  – in the very best way. How was YOUR day?