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A typical Vancouver day – zombies on one side of town and anime characters on the other.

When I saw this chainsaw-wielding man I stopped, pointed at him, and with surprise said, “You’re a zombie!” He stopped, fixed his black-hole eyes on me, and said, “No, actually I’m Leatherface!” and grinned a big vampire grin as he doffed his mask. What a sweetie. Welcome Zombie Day in Vancouver.

Then, unaware that there was also an anime convention in town today too, I saw these two cuties below. I thought they dressed in “cosplay” (costume play) all the time, but, no, they prefer more practical clothes on a day-to-day basis.

This last woman confused me. She lacked the gore of a zombie but had a deliciously dark goth look about her. It turns out she was attending the anime convention. She was accompanied by a friend and two kendo students who looked suspiciously like samurai warriors.

All in all, it was a pretty interesting stroll through downtown today. Too bad every day is not this visually interesting.