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This diva is no stranger to Culture Serf. You may remember Sheila from posts I did on her HERE and HERE. Always stylish, always the life of the party. Under her hat is a magnificent meringue-y swirl of vivid purple hair. On her feet? Need you even ask?! Fluevogs, of course. Like a rock star she flew into Vancouver from Vancouver Island for a weekend of fun. Aaah, the life. Be sure to check out her style blog Ephemera.


Power Socializing, that’s what these two are dressed for. No need for sequins, spangles or doo-dads, they let their personalities do the dazzling. But I do like their matching raspberries. Ally, left, is a high-power lawyer from New York with a life/style blog called Shybiker. And Shawna, right, who also flew into town from the Island for the weekend (?!), is a writer and artist with a passion for style, which she shares on her blog, The Director of Awesome.