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Have you ever had a Barbie doll? This woman, Anne, may have designed her outfit. But now she designs prints for underwear and teaches digital design at Otis College of Art & Design in L.A. Anne also exhibits her artwork around the world and sells her designs on a range of products and fabrics, such as these leggings. I love her crazy-ass patterns and colour. To learn more about Anne and her myriad of talents be sure to check out her blog SpyGirl.


Ooh-la-la. It’s Sue, woman of the world. She made this fantastic frock and dozens and dozens more. Her sewing skills put me to shame. Sue brings light wherever she goes, through her clothes and through her personality. She has a wonderfully-written blog that reflects her love of whimsy, fun, and arty stuff. A Colourful Canvas: Stitch Style Smile. Have a look!