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Looky, looky! It’s Sheila and Logan from Vancouver Island back in town, raising a ruckus in Gastown. Check out Sheila’s “neutral” handbag of metallic reptile. Her glasses frames are bright purple and Logan’s are bright blue. His jacket, worn over a rock ‘n’ roll T,  is velvet.

Both are shod in Fluevogs of course, and I’m sure an hour after I snapped this photo they had further topped their stock.  Everywhere these two went I heard people asking – Where are you from?! Of course, they have what I call “the shine.” I have posted on this couple before, here and here, and Sheila solo here.

Sheila has a winning blog called Ephemera, where she chronicles her style adventures, and Logan, a writer, posts music reviews on his blog, Creative Maelstrom. Have a look.