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Who wouldn’t want these women as friends? Left is Sue from around Vancouver and right is Suzanne from the Toronto area, and I met up with them when Suzanne recently came to town. They are both style bloggers – what a surprise.


Sue made that dotted coat and even custom-made the buttons  (I regret that I didn’t get the buttons in this shot). What a great colour combination with that coral top and checked blue blouse. And those puddle-hoppers – priceless. Suzanne’s maxi coat is vintage, of course. I love how the patterns of her coat, umbrella, and scarf play so well off each other.

Suzanne was on the blog before here, and so was Sue, here.


Sue’s blog is called A Colourful Canvas, and she says: “Mostly I just sew stuff and then pose awkwardly in photos around Metro Vancouver. With a sense of humour.” Don’t let her lightness fool you – she is a highly respected sewist around the world and a talented artist.

At Suzanne Carillo‘s self-named blog, she says: “I’m vintage obsessed, live and breathe art, and cater to the demands of a pug named Zoë.” Suzanne has two Etsy stores, one for her graphics-themed artworks and custom jewellery here and one called VintageBySuzanne for unique vintage clothing.  Suzanne has a dedicated fan base addicted to her humour and style.

Oh, the fun we had.