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I was shopping at local fabric store Dressew when I bumped into Judy. Wow, can this woman ever sew. And her upcycling is mindblowingly creative. I think she reworked everything she’s wearing from thrifted finds: she shirred the bottom front of the dress and fishtailed the back; she added heaps of colourful buttons to the wool jacket; she embroidered both the scarf and hat; and, while I didn’t ask, I suspect the gathers and raw edge are her work as well.


I had to show you a closeup so you could admire her stitchery. The writing says “HONOR,” a spelling which shows her American roots – she now lives most of the year in Vancouver and the remainder in New Orleans. Her glasses were new, though, one of several pairs she owns and an admitted indulgence. They are by Theo in Belgium.

And of course I couldn’t neglect a rear view as well.


She added the center insert down the back and extra length to create a wonderful asymmetrical high-low hem. Of course the colourful elbow patches are her own.

No wonder I found her at Dressew, stocking up on trims for new projects. I saw some great bubblegum pink dingleballs in her basket. I can only wonder what’s next. She said that she enjoys dressing up because it’s a great conversation-starter and makes people happy. Clearly. She certainly brightened my day.