Chemically Addicted to Angel Hair


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aug 14 angel

Meet Angel, short for Angelito. Don’t let that ultra-cool look fool you – he is one of the warmest people you could ever meet and a true artist when it comes to hair, although he is also a gifted stylist and designer. See his website here.

Angel coloured my hair platinum on the weekend at Chemically Addicted salon on Davie Street and I couldn’t be happier. You can see why in the photos on my other blog here. Thank you, Angel, for taking such good care of me at your awesome salon and for sharing your sharp style on the streets of Vancouver.  If you need expert styling, now you know where to go. Bonus – Chemically Addicted is open seven days a week.


Carried me away


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When I saw these two women I felt like I was in France or maybe Venice. It’s inspiring how simple styling can be so effective at transporting the imagination to another place. While I particularly liked the flowery shoes and the straw hat worn with the striped T, I liked the way their looks played so well off each other in terms of overall tone and colour. These Vancouverites are studying to be yoga instructors.

Supermodel seventies


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My friend Sharron, looking ready to take on the world – AGAIN. I don’t think she’ll ever stop. She is in her early seventies now and I didn’t Photoshop this image. Gorgeous. Check out those gams, as if I have to tell you. She has shorts and mini dresses for every season and every occasion. If you want to talk knitting and bingo, you’d best go somewhere else! I first posted her here, October 2012.  Zoomer magazine for plus-45 Canadians, take note, please. PULLEEZE.



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