Sunshine on her back. Paower!


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This is Patti. She brought a lot of sunshine from her home state of Florida, which helped with the rain here. She is not only super styling herself, but she is a strong advocate of self-expression through style among women over 40. Be sure to check out her style blog Not Dead Yet Style.


Hello, Pao! She made her flowy pants and this amazing jacket from vintage Hawaiian fabric. And don’t miss her groovy shoes and sassy socks. Pao has a blog called Project Minima in which she chronicles her adventures sewing all her clothes – yes, ALL, well, except socks, but socks too. Pao is also an accomplished artist. She resides in Chicago.

Cool whites and dynamite denim


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Greetje-617Above is Greetje from The Netherlands looking smashing in this cool all-white ensemble fit for a rainy Vancouver day. She has a fantastic style blog called No Fear of Fashion. Greetje is also a talented street style photographer.


And this is Suzanne. Her pose captures her personality brilliantly. Suzanne is an artist from Toronto who makes and sells jewellery, stationary, and clothing. Check out her wares on her style blog HERE.

Style lessons from a pro


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This is Sylvia. She is visiting Vancouver from the Netherlands to attend a Women’s Blogger Summit as one of the top bloggers of 40-plus women’s style. Her blog is here. She also offers popular personal style courses online.

I love Sylvia’s base white layer topped with a fantastic print Kenzo tunic-style top, and accessorized with metallic stencil-cut leather shoes and print bag with a red zipper. No wonder millions visit her blog.

Below is a detail photo. I couldn’t resist.


With the summit in town, I wouldn’t be surprised if I run across more stylish bloggers. Stay tuned.


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