Black and white with attitude


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It’s Barbara! Look at her sandals and that pedicure. Oh yeeeah. She is also wearing a necklace with a silver stag’s head and buttons, which she threw together herself. Her arm is loaded up with bangles and I believe she made everything she is wearing. Gorgeous. She first appeared on this blog here.


Simple but speaks volumes


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A cotton dress, a hat. Done. Spectacularly done – especially with that smile. She is from Vancouver but bought the dress at a little interior BC town with only a handful of stores, including a boutique selling all kinds of unique clothing. This dress also has ties on the skirt which allow you to adjust the length.


Great look with a French sensibility to my eye. At first glance this silky dove-grey skirt’s simple cut belies its risque dual front slits that flash leg at the slightest breezy provocation. Mmmarvelous.

Frances was an early supporter of this blog and finally I got a chance to include her here. Based in Vancouver, she writes a compelling life/style blog called Materfamilias Writes – it’s worth checking out.


A man of taste and action


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It’s Richard, one of the best-dressed men in Vancouver – tailored suit, beret from Paris, and red suspenders. He’s not only stylish, but he’s a man who gets things done.

Need a helicopter in the middle of Africa? A snap of his fingers and it’s yours – he’ll probably even know the name of the pilot. A gourmet picnic in the middle of nowhere? He’ll know the perfect spot and the people to throw it together.

A good friend.