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I knew there was something missing from this Home and Garden show – spring flowers. How fortunate that this woman showed up! What a breath of fresh air she was with her bird-of-paradise hair, lemonade purse, vivid red shopping bag, and matching russet tunic and pants. She bought the latter at Miwa on Granville Island where, she said, they will custom-size your clothes for no additional charge.

Just after I left the Home and Garden show I came across these flowers being photographed near the library. They looked so cheerful and bright – I couldn’t help muscling in on the action.

Then the final shot of the day – these cool lace things. There was not much conversation here so I don’t know if these are cuffs on her leggings or toppers on her socks. Who cares? They’re pretty cool.

Gotta’ love Vancouver – snow one day, spring flowers and lace the next.