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Look! It’s Sheila and Logan from Vancouver Island, which can only mean one thing: they’ve flown into Vancouver for their annual weekend anniversary blow-out. Plus, this year marks their 20th. Still going strong and looking smashing! Congratulations.

Of course this getaway would not be complete without a pilgrimage to Fluevog shoe store. Seriously, Fluevog should give these two some freebies or at least a major discount. They are unwavering fans of their products and their biggest promoters.

You have to check out Sheila’s style blog ephemera if you haven’t already. Her wardrobe dazzles, as you can imagine from what she’s wearing here. See those boots? Wool. And they blend seamlessly with her tights. And tangerine leather shorts? Love! Soon she’ll post on her seasonal winter/spring wardrobe switcharoo. Don’t miss it.

Logan writes Creative Maelstrom, where he unleashes his insane wit and intelligence reviewing CDs and concerts. I also like to think of his blog as a Cole’s Notes for the musically uniformed for frantic cramming before parties so you don’t feel like a social pariah. Heh. Truly, he is a gifted writer.

I have featured Sheila and Logan many times: here, here, here, and here.

We also made a 40sec video when they were in town. You can view it here. I think it’s hilarious but I’m biased. Heh.